Helpful Links for Parents

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Helpful Links for Parents

Common Core Standards:
 Ready Washington 
    Real Learning for Real Life 

Smarter Balance Practice Test
Smarter Balanced Practice Test - SBAC Portal: Updated classroom activities  and scoring guides for the Smarter Balanced Practice Test are available under Resources and Documentation


Articles, Parent Guides, Tips on Specific Subjects, and Much More:

OSPI Family Resource Page
Education World-Parents' Center*

North Mason Resources - To contact North Mason Resources:
Mason County Foodbanks
Homeless Shelters

Search & Reference Tools:  
KidsClick!* - Reference resources for younger students. Age appropriate links.
Yahooligans!* - All the features of Yahoo! with the young reader in mind.
Kids' Search Tools* - A dozen or more of the most popular kids' search tools all in one location.


Homework Helpers:

Homework Ideas
Study Guides*- Lots of tips and resources for improving study skills.
Typing Club  - Learn touch typing 
iFigure* - Online calculators and worksheets for a wide variety of mathematics concepts.
WebMath* - Online guide for just about any kind of math problem. Having
trouble with a particular area of math? Check here.
USA History* - Vast list of links to specific historical topics, along with
interesting facts and trivia.* - Well-organized and nicely designed collection of history
resources.* - Over 15,000 biographies of notable people.
The Why? Files* - Learn about the science and technology behind today's news stories. Includes sections on sports, environment, health, and more.
Guide to Grammar and Writing* - Covers many aspects of the writing process.


Other Informative Information:

PBS Online* - The home site of the national PBS network. Great history and  biography sections to supplement broadcasts. Really good "Kids" section.
Common Sense Media:  They rate, educate, and advocate for kids, families and schools in all relms of media. 
Interfaith Calendar
Let's Talk About It:  Your Child's Education
Internet Safety for Teens


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